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You are very welcome to Island Ireland... hope you enjoy your visit!
Who is responsible for this?
Island Ireland Marketplace, a website which sells Irish goods in the United States, is the sponsor of this site. If you have comments or questions about this website, please e-mail us at
How do you choose which sites to include as links?
The criteria for including sites is subjective. The links are not meant to be comprehensive lists, but rather what we hope are helpful starting points to learning more about each topic. Some Irish directories provide links and reviews for all sites submitted to them. This is a very useful approach, but not the one we take. Instead we actively seek out resources on given topics, and choose to include only those we consider particularly interesting and informative. Links are verified weekly.
We always feel pleasure at visiting a site where the person responsible obviously cares about whatever it is they're communicating. That could just as easily be a small site as a large national one.
Visitors should feel free to recommend sites to be included on these pages. We will attempt to visit all sites suggested, although in the end we may not, for a variety of reasons, provide links to them. (The 'lap-dancing' club in Dublin that wanted a link on the 'Nightclubs' page, for instance...) Thanks for your suggestions.
Do you have any favourite links?
Two of our favourite sites from a design standpoint would be the Chester Beatty Library and the National Concert Hall, and we have a special fondness for local sites all around the country...
Technical Notes
The site was created on an Apple iMac using the Adobe software programs GoLive, Photoshop, ImageReady, ImageStyler, and the database program Filemaker Pro. Island Ireland went online in November 1999.
Artwork on the home page was created by lettering artist and calligrapher Patricia Donnelly.
Kindly webmasters who wish to link to Island Ireland using a logo please visit the Island Ireland logos page. (Or, if you prefer, just drag the ship off the index page and resize it to meet your needs...) And thank you.
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